Things to Consider Before Buying a Log Home

Service: First, do not set the bad woodpeckers on fire.

Keep in mind, you used to like them before you ended up being a log house owner. Keeping the dry rot at bay avoids the carpenter ants that the birds love from burrowing in the logs. No food = no woodpeckers. Control rodents the exact same way you carry out in a routine home: set traps inside, seal all wall and door penetrations and call a pest control expert if you cannot manage them yourself.

Issue: Log Homes might be more difficult to offer.

Bear in mind that sentimental sensation we went over previously. Not everybody gets that sensation when they see log houses. The individuality of a log home does attract some people, but just about one from 10 people normally wish to purchase that kind of home. You can be burdened a home that is extremely tough to offer if you discover later that you wish to leave.

Service: A different marketing technique is required when aiming to offer your log home.


The marketing pitch to offer a log home needs to be tailored towards the specific niche of people that like that kind of home. Lots of prospective purchasers can see the best villa or remote acreage they want in your log home that is up for sale. A real estate agent can help you with this. A lot of house owners appears to think if they put their special touch and excellent home embellishing concepts into their home that your house will simply immediately offer. Sadly, that is not constantly the case, and the seller will have to focus on a lot of typical designs and functions that resemble others in the area. Keeping the exact same variety of bedrooms and restrooms as those in the surrounding area is constantly a great idea.

Issue: The cookie cutter method of log home package service providers results in dry rot.

Numerous house owners that wish to save money over the conventional log home choose to purchase DIY flat-pack log cabin sets. The difficulty with that is that most of the makers ravel the go to a lathe to make a consistent size so that the logs meshed much better. Although they fit much better, it minimizes the wood's natural security versus the aspects, resulting in caught wetness and dry rot.

Service: Treat the wood yearly with a chemical sealant.

You will need to safeguard maker peeled walls with a chemical sealant. The sealant fumes can trigger breathing issues, however. This is not an excellent service if anybody living in your home is susceptible to breathing disorders.